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PS2 ports
Date Created: February 26, 2009  Date Modified: May 13, 2013

With a lack of titles on release, Sony started to re-port some of there older titles onto the PS3 platform, this is a smart move for them as wel as consumers like myself who had never owened a PS2. But they didnt port all the games!, NO. One game that they should have moved across is GTA San Andreas. I would still buy that game, and I know im not alone in that, but all we can really do is wait and hope–or start learning how to build games ourselfs, get a job with Rockstar or Sony and steer them from within.

Another thing that gets me annoyed about the older games being moved across is they fail to utilise the advances the new console brings, surely the creators of Need For Speed could have some download content avalible for Carbon, it might even persuade owners of the PS2 version to lash out and get the PS3 version–having the downloadable content free would certainly be an incentive for fans of the franchise that have already clocked the game?

And graphical enhancements?, it wouldnt be too hard to add in some more detail without modifying the game too much, Im thinking Anti-Ailiasing maybe?. some of the PS2 titles are getting on in years, maybe the software houses should start looking at making 5th or 10th anniverary GOTY editions of titles from years past. hopfully somone does somthing because one thing is for sure, we can never get enough games.

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My PS3
Date Created: February 26, 2009  Date Modified: December 17, 2015

I originaly recived my PS3 as part of Sony’s Bravia promotion–you buy a TV and you get a playstation for free, cool. It was the first games console I had owned since the PSX (the original playstation) and having been a bit of a PC modder, the first thing I did was take out the 40 Gig hard drive it shipped with and replace it with a 250 Gig that spins at 7200rpm, (game load times are not somuch increased by this mod, but saving is).

I have since started to build a collection of games, and even tryed running Linux on it, thou I will be waiting for more development in this arena before getting rid of the PC all together [shhh, it might hear me]

UPDATE: with all the save data on there and a spare western digital 500gb drive–im thinking of upgrading.. hmmm.

UPDATE December 2015: Both the Bravia and the PS3 are no longer in functional state 🙁

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