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an early version
Date Created: May 27, 2009  Date Modified: May 27, 2009

I have uploaded an earlyer version of the mod here if you wish to have a play

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Wrestling with the Gimp: Cracked Photoshop contest
Date Created: May 27, 2009  Date Modified: May 27, 2009

Insted of booting up the old workstation and using photoshop for this I decided to try it out with gimp…

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wrestling with the gimp, Part 3
Date Created: May 13, 2009  Date Modified: May 13, 2009

Well at east I have some positive feudback on my encounters with the gimp. I wanted to put together some tiles to ues as backgrounds for a site i was putting together fpr myself. all I wanted to do was knock up some 30 x 30 tiles – a mamoth effort for anyone trained in graphic design! and have them saved as .gif’s. and I achived this with no hassles.

first the gradient tool is similar to photoshop, enough so that it was no trouble to use. infact its a bit more simple than photoshop but lacks some functionality.

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Wrestling with the GIMP, part 2
Date Created: May 9, 2009  Date Modified: May 9, 2009

I was putting together some wallpapers in the gimp and started to feel the frustration again. I was wanting to paint some light on a black background and found that the brushes were too clumbsy to perform how I wouls expect photoshop to perform.

Its not a major issue but it may take some adjusting of the settings to get what i want.

The free WYSIWYG editor has been fairing much worse. I hate how it fucks up my lists and it does not refresh to updated style sheets.

infact it sucks for style sheets!

But thats the thing about open source–if it sucks then its possible to fix it (I just need to learn how to code)

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Free WYSIWYG editor
Date Created: May 5, 2009  Date Modified: September 14, 2011

I wrote about this HTML editor called Nvu on my other blog, I’ll post it here because its a Design tool.

From my other blog:
If you have visited this blog recently then you may have read about my trail of gimp. well Im happy to add another open source app to the list of free tools, and this one is great. it called Nvu

Its a WYSIWYG HTML editor, if you dont know what that means then you probably dont need it, but from someone with a few years of Dreamweaver experience, finding an open source tool that is not just notepad on steroids has been a battle ive been waging since Adobe took over Marcomedia.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is the easyest way to design sites, being able to see what your doing as you do it. there are plenty of free manual code tools (I have been using HTML Kit alongside dreamweaver for as long as Ive been using DW) but Nvu sits happily between them.

Its not like DW, so dont expect it to have all the functionality as the expensive Macromedia Adobe product-but it is simple to use, and does not put heaps of unnessisary code in. If you are looking to switch to open source apps then check this out.

It also works on Linux (and Mac if you suffer cognative disabilitys)

remember free software is almost as good as free beer

EDIT: Here is a tutorial on using Nvu if you are interested

PS3 sales up in japan
Date Created: May 1, 2009  Date Modified: May 1, 2009

sales of the ps3 have boomed in japan, acording to this wired article.

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