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this is not relevent
Date Created: August 25, 2009  Date Modified: August 25, 2009

unless you know about hacking ATMs???

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Finding Open Source Alternetives
Date Created: August 21, 2009  Date Modified: September 4, 2011

I was searching around for a vBulletin alternative and found this site that is dedicated to open source alternatives to popular propriety software. I’ll chec them out more thoroghly soon, but Im pretty rushed this morning (its arfternnon already)…

Aside from the above, there is ofcourseForge sourceForge; but I shall mention them another day.

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Sony Patent Innovation
Date Created: August 18, 2009  Date Modified: September 9, 2011

Sony are alway innovative, check this story on the new 250gig ps3 slim:

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Banana Hostage Negotiations
Date Created: August 18, 2009  Date Modified: September 9, 2011

I knocked up this first image in Flash (my new cs4 edition) for a “hypothetical” site I may or may not be building for my cousin.

Since the site may or may not, probably not ever get used i decided this banana could have his own life–if only short and tourtured.

Ill post an update on him soon.

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Open Source Games: FPS
Date Created: August 16, 2009  Date Modified: August 16, 2009

Due to my love of computer games I decided I would start off with a list of a few open source FPS games for you to get into, there are thousands of games projects on sourceforge alone that this list is just a quick sample of what is out there, but I will be adding more as time progresses.

D2X-XL is an OpenGL port of the classic 3D Shooter game Descent 2 for Win32, Linux and Mac OS X, containing many enhancements and bug fixes while preserving full backwards compatibility.

Hammer of Thyrion
Hammer of Thyrion is a cross-platform port of Raven’s Hexen II source. It is based on an older linux port, Anvil of Thyrion. HoT includes many bug fixes, improved sound and video modes, opengl improvements and documentation among many others.

Digital Paint: Paintball 2
Paintball2 is a fast-paced first-person game with capture the flag, elimination, siege, and deathmatch (free-for-all) styles of gameplay. This project focuses on enhancing the Quake2-based engine it uses.

Nexuiz is a multiplayer first-person shooter. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Version 1.0 was released on May 31, 2005. The current version, 2.5.1, was released on May 11, 2008.

I will expand this list when I have some more time, but for now that shuld keep you from getting board.

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Brisbane on the weekend
Date Created: August 15, 2009  Date Modified: May 23, 2012

This I didnt finish–in more ways than one, I think a little bit of ink and some washes may pretty her up a bit.

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The CI logo
Date Created: August 15, 2009  Date Modified: August 15, 2009

The Cartenz Interactive logo; Where to start… well its a “C” and an “i” united in both negative and positive space… I wont paste anything out of the corporate style guide–as Im still working on it but I think the logo looks pretty shmick.

I started to do the tracing of the roughs in illustrator, but due to the problems saving .ai files I ended up exporting it as an .swf and finishing it off in flash–which makes sence since its for a flash development outfit.

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Thumbnails software
Date Created: August 10, 2009  Date Modified: September 4, 2011

I normaly make thumbnails by running a batch in photoshop but due to not having a photoshop licence for this laptop, and the continuing problems with the old workstation I decided to try Easy Thumbnails, by Fooks. I have uses Thumbs Plus many many years ago but didnt really like it, I just dont want to have to re-size hunderds of images one by one.

maybe I should just learn how to run batches in GIMP

EDIT: I have been using EasyThumbs for about a month now and Its awsome. So much time I have saved, and all those actions for photoshop I dont have to record. Its also nice and lightweight so it doesnt hog resourses on the notebook.

This is to games development
Date Created: August 4, 2009  Date Modified: August 4, 2009

as somone who enjoys playing actionscript, I thought id look into building one of those shittty facebook games–Im addicted to Mafia Wars!. But I wasnt goig to go in this alone, and knew I needed a trace artist id im going to have to learn how to develop a game from scratch. I emailed one of my facebook friends who I had worked with doing Aerosol art back in the late 90’s andthen singed up to facebook developers… the bastard had alrady signed up to that app…

and his game I dea is better than mine!

so pissed off I grabbed the tablet, and dropped this:

this is not graff… not in any sence of the word

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Oblivion… does it get old?
Date Created: August 4, 2009  Date Modified: August 4, 2009

I played 2 different charichters for over 300 hours each on Oblivion for PC, so I know I got my moneys worth. I saw a second hand copy for the PS3, and I had to give it a go–I just wish I could import my killer PC save game.

I going a Kajik this time. Just jumping around and annoying people (tiggers can bounce!). I havnt done ant quests yet, just running around throu aylid ruins…

I was playing it for a while the other pay and I thought–“Man, this game is so much like Fallout, no more like… oh wait.”

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Date Created: August 1, 2009  Date Modified: August 1, 2009

this game is so awsome, im trying to play it whilst writing this post!. I dont care how bad a movie it was, buy this game.

it must be said again:


Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

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