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Web traffic resources
Date Created: November 12, 2009  Date Modified: September 9, 2011

As ‘Webmasters’ its a good to have an idea about web traffic, not just to ones own site thru google analytics, but also potential traffic. One of the tools google offers is trends, for traffic on a particular keword. or there is internet traffic report, which has overall data info.

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Photography: down the beach
Date Created: November 10, 2009  Date Modified: November 10, 2009

Was a bit bored so went for a stroll down the beach with the camera…

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I have decided to move my site to…
Date Created: November 8, 2009  Date Modified: September 4, 2011

This post was the Hello World for this wordpress installation that I had on my site, but only used as a sandbox and sample site for projects; both my own and for clients. At the time I chose not to use wordpress as the CMS driving this site–I was wanting to be taken seriously as a CMS developer and it would, as I thought, have been counter-intuitive to use a blogging platform as a Content Management System.

Some time has passed since then and I have worked with a number of systems and considered at one point even using MySource Matrix here. At first some might consider that as overkill but as a Web Developer who deals with multiple sites, an enterprise level CMS built for multi-site, multi-domain deployment could have been an interesting way of managing projects… I decided against it for obvious reasons.

Anyway, nearly two years passed without any software driving these pages–but now we have it. WordPress. Lets see how long it is before I switch to Drupal (which I also have on this server for the same reasons and length of time as WP).

ots late and there is much to do. at least this migration wont take too long…

Shot the dog!
Date Created: November 8, 2009  Date Modified: November 8, 2009

My friend has a new puppy (well its a year old now) and she wanted me to take some pics of it… now the rule is never work with children or animals and if you ever have then you know why. after a few shots howeverr the pup figured out what we were doing and started to pose for the camera–animals arnt that stupid!. Anyway–heres a pic or two:

I didnt get enough decent shots and all in all I wasnt happy with the results I got–but it was a good learning expirence: Shooting on a beach is best done in the morning (if your on the west coast), and hold a tenis ball where you want the subject’s attention focused… that could work for children also, but kids arnt as smart as dogs.

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Lightwave Stuff: CI Logo
Date Created: November 6, 2009  Date Modified: January 6, 2016

I made this logo in Lightwave for my company Cartenz Interactive. Al tho I no longer operate that business, I still like the logo.

an early 3D model of my Cartenz Interactive logo

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PowerHause: Part 1
Date Created: November 6, 2009  Date Modified: November 6, 2009

Down the road from where I live is an old abandon powerstation, a sapre of the moment decission was made by Amuck and myself to shoot/paint for the day. Now technicaly what were doing here is illegal but… fuckit!, tresspass and vandalism are about the last of my concerns. Im just after some good pics, im not out to destroy anything…

not like whom ever torched this old datto…

or those that just chuck there cans in away…

when we got there there were already some kids down there painting, this guy climbed up on the beams, to give you an idea of how high he is check the pic below.

and ofcorse the beautiful beach behind the powerstation…

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Photografitti: Amuck37
Date Created: November 6, 2009  Date Modified: November 6, 2009

I got in contact with an old friend a few months back–he’s one of those damn grafitti guys, Amuck 37. Anyway he asked me to take some pics for him for his up-coming book and here are a few of the happy snapps.

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