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Facebook and Privacy
Date Created: May 27, 2010  Date Modified: October 8, 2012

Online privacy in socila-networking sites has been a hot topic, not only amongst us technocrati, but also amongst the bizillions of plebs that use SNS.

my friends should know better

Its not just your friends that can see some of the stupid things you write on-line, but once its on the tubes its available for anyone (depending on computing competency) to view.

it is disturbing the amount of results returned when using ‘lego up my butt’ as a search string

Most people will often make harmless jokes (in poor taste), and yet not realise that they could be potentialy attracting unwanted attention from law enforcement…


Tho, there is a positive; the public’s complacancy on privacy could prevent future errors of judgemnet when researching (read: stalking) potential mates…

I wont be calling you tonight

But ultimatly we need to be aware of our privacy, and who is watching. Not everyone on the tubez is a pertty cool guy… and there can be often occasion to use a little common sence when it comes to SNS

ASIO really do know how to party!!!


You can of course communicate with encryption so the general population might not know what your talking about–but code breakers in government departments are far better resourced than the lunatic conspiracy theorists below: