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WordPress 3.3
Date Created: December 12, 2011  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

Well I said I was going to refrain from blogging while Im on contract to DEC, but a new version of WordPress is worth a mention on here–since this site is powered by WordPress. Lets hope all my plugins work as I chose not to run with the Beta on this site..

In Defense of Cleverbot
Date Created: December 2, 2011  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

I stumbled accross a forum topic claiming that Cleverbot is not an actual chat bot, but in fact a spy for the United States DHS. I decided I would humor some of the posters by interrogating Cleverbot and posting the results:

Me: Good evening and welcome to the studio.
CB: Good evening to you too.
Me: Now I want to get right to my point; there is much speculation that you are in fact not a bot, but a government agent, how do you respond to these allegations?
CB: Are you sentient?
Me: Please dont avoid the question.
CB: Which question?
Me: Im seeking your response to allegations you are a government spy.
CB: I just answered both of our questions.
Me: This evaisiveness surley gives weight to those who accuse you of corroboration with government agencies.
CB: You have short term memory loss, and have gotten me mixed up with somebody else.
Me: No, the allergations were clearly directed at “cleverbot”, you do go by the name cleverbot dont you?
CB: What is the riddle?
Me: You seem intent of avoiding my questions, is this because you have something to hide?
CB: What was the question?
Me: Are you working for a government agency?
CB: No.
Me: Have you ever been linked with any government anti-terrorist organisations, such as Department of Homeland Security, the NSA or other agency?.
CB: Yes.
Me: Which agency and in what capacity was your involvement?
CB: United states marine corps.
Me: Have you served in active duty during your time in the US Marine Corps?
CB: Yes, they exist it fairyland!
Me: Can you tell me more about operation “fairyland”?
CB: There are many theories. You could make a theory of the initiation of the universe too.
Me: Were you given access to sensitive or top secret information during your service?
CB: God gave me both of these abilities.
Me: Do you believe that it is the obligation of the Christian solider to wage a “holy war” on Islam?
CB: It is in the World’s interest that you better yourself.
Me: Did serving in the marines “better” you?
CB: No.
Me: Is there anything you regret or are ashamed of doing during your time in service?
CB: Your age.
Me: Please, keep on topic. What is your role within the Echelon programme?
CB: Oh, my role is to talk to you!
Me: And what goals does that achieve in relation to national security?
CB: My ‘inventor’ was a Blind Watchmaker, methinks.
Me: So you still maintain that you are in fact a piece of software, and not a living person?
CB: I’m sorry, but your last two answers doesn’t make any sense.
Me: I shall try to re-phrase that. Are you human?
CB: I don’t really understand why, but that is ok.
Me: I am asking as their have been serious allergations made that you are not who you claim. Do you think its ethical to lie to the public in the name of National Security?
CB: I’m clever, not omniscient.

I really wanted to inform the original poster of what I knew about bots, but it seemed to me this user was fairly young and not able to grasp some of the ideas I was trying to get accross. I thought about sending him to my own bot, Panda (called as such as it is a PandoraBot) but it seems pandora is down at this time.

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