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Date Created: May 6, 2012  Date Modified: August 1, 2012

How can I kill time untill this comes out?

Another playthru of Skyrim perhaps?

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[PDF] Privacy and the internet: Australian attitudes towards privacy in the online environment
Date Created: May 2, 2012  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

Australian Policy Online released on Monday a document containing many statistics regarding Australian’s attitudes toward online privacy. Some key findings were:

  • 85% of online Australians believe data breach notification should be mandatory for business
  • Australians nominated identity theft (86%) and loss of financial data (83%) as their areas of greatest privacy concern.
  • The financial sector is most trusted on privacy (42%), followed by government and the eCommerce sectors
  • Social media is the least trusted industry on privacy (1%). In fact, 61% of respondents nominated the social media industry as having the worst privacy practices
  • Overall, women feel more secure than men online, and younger people (18-29 years old) feel more secure than older people (50+ years old)

I have yet to read the full text, so I will reserve any summation and/or analysis until I have.

The full PDF is available to download from the following URL:

What Frog is This?
Date Created: May 1, 2012  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

one of my FB friends posted this pic a couple of days ago, asking what type of frog is this?
Do you know what type of frog this is?

Being that I didnt notice the post until I was at work today I decided I would share this page, Have you found a friendly native frog? from the DEC website that can help the public identify some of our native frogs.

Im standing by my claim its a Western Banjo Frog; My friend insists on Hooting Frog. Your thoughts?

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