A sad week for freedom(s)…
Date Created: August 16, 2012  Date Modified: August 20, 2012

Earlier today I noticed a tweet from Wikileaks press mentioning a helicopter above the Ecuadorian Embassy. I had bee at uni all morning and had been in communication with business stakeholders most afternoon (tho I DID get time to do some work on the car). I had not checked Google Reader, Heard a television, smelled a newspaper of digested any form of media other than the multitude of billboard advertising decorating the bus shelters along South Street. This tweet was the first I had heard of what was part of one of the worst weeks for our online freedoms. I was aware earlier in the week of the governments willingness to push through parliament the Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 on Wednesday (turns out I had the date incorrect, its Wednesday the 22nd). But then to have one of, not only Australia’s, but the worlds pioneering hacktivists this was surely one sad week for online freedom.

The implications extend beyond the protocol, IRL will suffer too. The implications of the UK revoking the Ecuadorian Embassy’s status, not only would be seen as an act of war by the Ecuadorians; As their Foreign Minister was quoted on the BBC as saying:

“If the measure announced in the British official communication is enacted, it will be interpreted by Ecuador as an unacceptable, unfriendly and hostile act and as an attempt against our sovereignty. It would force us to respond.

But also this action, the evoking of the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987 UK, would in effect undermining the authority of protection offered to all diplomatic envoys, regardless of host nation or nation of origin. I would like to follow this story more but am a bit time precious tonight, I hope I dont start consuming media again on the weekend and find out that–EVERYTHING IS FINE, PLEASE CARRY ON WITH YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.

UPDATE: the following url is to the wikileaks insurance file, all 64Gb of it!:
https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7050943/WikiLeaks_Insurance_release_02-22-2012. I will be following this story on twitter and be re-tweeting support messages for Assange (While trying to fit some required reading form my Law workshop tomorrow.)

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