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Lab Week 12 – Annimation
Date Created: May 3, 2010  Date Modified: July 16, 2013

Ok, Im being real lazy this morning. We are meant to do some simple annimations in Photoshop, but Im not really a keyframe kinda guy–Im more of a tweener who is learning the joys of moving off the timeline and doing all annimations with ActionScript… its easier and creates a better end product, and also smaller file sizes. This wabbit I knocked up in Macromedia Adobe Flash CS4, it was my first animation using CS4–tho I have done a few using MX 2004. Man that was a culture shock.

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Date Created: January 12, 2010  Date Modified: April 2, 2016

this was originally posted on my old blogger account, the SWF was on my old domain so I needed to edit this…

it wa smy first attempt at AS3 on Flash CS4 (please gimme a MX Studio 2004 and some coffee–Ive made SWF’s out of less!) I did like the improved tablet support in Flash CS4 but I had a little dabble with AS3 and decided to jump on the “flash is dead” bandwagon…