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more J102 pics: Nature
Date Created: June 26, 2009  Date Modified: June 26, 2009

Below is a pic taken at Lesmurdie Falls (at the bottom–not the falls bit ofcorse), I got a little wet but the that EOS survived that expedition.

Heres one from out my front window at my old place

RIP: Canon EOS 1000F 1992-2006

Long live Canon EOS 450D 2008-present

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more J102 pics
Date Created: June 23, 2009  Date Modified: June 23, 2009

This is Garret Road Bridge that crosses the swan river in Bayswater, you can tell i needed to clean the lense on that old EOS. Yes they are both on 35mm.

This is under Garret Road bridge, the pic was taken at the same time (well slightly after) the above pic, but is shot with a night as day style with long exposure and closed apiture. a techneque i learnt at Murdoch

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