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SVG Slideshow
Date Created: September 14, 2010  Date Modified: May 24, 2012

Im trying out the picasa slideshows thingy, yeah way to articulate. It will probably remove some of my early pics as I have moved them out the blog album..


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fake products
Date Created: March 11, 2010  Date Modified: September 4, 2011

I gave no description for these when I posted this, tho some words should accompany:


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Internet Troll
Date Created: January 18, 2010  Date Modified: January 18, 2010

I use this charichter as my facebook pic when ive been doing the odd spot of trolling…

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A nice cup of tea…
Date Created: January 13, 2010  Date Modified: January 13, 2010

I blame Lesn for this. A friend posted on facebook a status update about the stupid groups we all join, as I was enjoying a nice cup of tea at the time I decided to create a tea related group

A nice cup of tea is better than an evil one

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No Description
Date Created: September 10, 2009  Date Modified: November 21, 2011

EDIT: Since importing this from my old blogger account I realised I might need to include some .txt

First image was from an animation I was doing about the business practices of Satan and his soul-trading enterprise…

Second is from Bananaz in Bandanaz animation project that I have let slip by. The lack of a coherent plot was the main reason to abandon this project.

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Banana Hostage Negotiations
Date Created: August 18, 2009  Date Modified: September 9, 2011

I knocked up this first image in Flash (my new cs4 edition) for a “hypothetical” site I may or may not be building for my cousin.

Since the site may or may not, probably not ever get used i decided this banana could have his own life–if only short and tourtured.

Ill post an update on him soon.

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The CI logo
Date Created: August 15, 2009  Date Modified: August 15, 2009

The Cartenz Interactive logo; Where to start… well its a “C” and an “i” united in both negative and positive space… I wont paste anything out of the corporate style guide–as Im still working on it but I think the logo looks pretty shmick.

I started to do the tracing of the roughs in illustrator, but due to the problems saving .ai files I ended up exporting it as an .swf and finishing it off in flash–which makes sence since its for a flash development outfit.

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This is to games development
Date Created: August 4, 2009  Date Modified: August 4, 2009

as somone who enjoys playing actionscript, I thought id look into building one of those shittty facebook games–Im addicted to Mafia Wars!. But I wasnt goig to go in this alone, and knew I needed a trace artist id im going to have to learn how to develop a game from scratch. I emailed one of my facebook friends who I had worked with doing Aerosol art back in the late 90’s andthen singed up to facebook developers… the bastard had alrady signed up to that app…

and his game I dea is better than mine!

so pissed off I grabbed the tablet, and dropped this:

this is not graff… not in any sence of the word

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They’re a pest. they must DIE
Date Created: July 18, 2009  Date Modified: May 23, 2012

Some people find it hard to belive that Roos are a pest and need to be culled. When I was working for the Department of Environment I asked if I could get involved with the roo cull on Herrison Island, I was told no because I did not have a Departmental Firearms Licence. I said I didnt need one because I wasnt planning on shooting the roos, I was going to cull them the TRADITIONAL WAY. (with the roo bar on the front of the hilux).

you can probably guess I didnt keep that job long.

EDIT: I had just started to trace him up in illustrator when the power went out. DAMN!. Im going to try and find an old copy of ills to put on the laptop because this is starting to get ridiculous!

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Date Created: June 25, 2009  Date Modified: June 25, 2009

The frogs were another Art College project, heres the rough and below is what it looked like after being put into illustrator.

because I was still learning vectors and wasnt satisfied with the generic vector look. So i printed out the illustrator image and touched it up by hand. you live you learn.

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Old stuff for the spindle of backups: My First Flash
Date Created: June 25, 2009  Date Modified: June 25, 2009

Since were being reminicant this morning, I thought I may as well post this little guy here. he was my logo (awsome corporate identity eh???) from 1998 to 2002, as you can tell I get much serious clients back then–but when your that young its hard to understand how the business world works.

hell even now I struggle.

he was originaly drawn in illustrator from a working rough, his flanno (plaid shirt, for those not farmiliar with the language of Bogan) was a scanned texture from a shirt I wont admit to owning. he was all good for a logo but i wanted to animate him…

so this was the first Flash I ever undertook. I didnt understand how tweening worked then so i frame by framed the motion in his finger. the choice to output him as an annimated gif was so I could also use him as my yahoo profile pic (you understand why I wanted to animate him now?).

I do realise its a sad state of affairs to reminiss about the internet before web 2.0

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A quick knock up
Date Created: June 23, 2009  Date Modified: June 23, 2009

Im considering animating this little guy but Flash is annoying me at the moment.

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Photography: J102, part 1
Date Created: June 22, 2009  Date Modified: June 22, 2009

J102 was the photography class I tool at murdoch, here are a couple of pics from a project. Remember this was during the Howard years.

The packet was designed in illustrator and printed on some gloss card. I thought of changing the health warning to “voting when ignorant harms your country” but meh.

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Wrestling with the Gimp: GIMP dosnt like my tablet
Date Created: June 12, 2009  Date Modified: June 12, 2009

I have left the GIMP alone for a while–I have been using the old workstation of late and that has photoshop (CS2) on it so the need to punish myself hasnt arised…

except out of curiosity…

My new tablet crashed Flash(MX 2004) on the laptop so i tryed to boot illustrator (cs1… there is a pattern forming yes?) on it to give it a go–except illustrator isnt installed on the laptop (its not what was I smoking but HOW MUCH OF IT). having only the choices of paint and GIMP to test out the new tablet on before i permanently weld it to the desktop computer i decided “go on, give the gimp a little whip”

it didnt work. BUT…

it seems that when I exit a program the tablet stops working–unless the tablet crashes the app such as the case of Flash.

Lessons Lerned

  • Dont skimp on preriferal hardware–I should have lernt that after the ‘capture card’ I purchaced all those years ago
  • Upgrade my software somtime before the decade ends!
  • Continue to mistrust wireless technology
  • harvey norman isnt that much cheaper when they have a sale. (but that manager chick seemed nice)
  • My guess is if I google around I’ll find somones project that will work with GIMP. First stop Sourceforge.

    A girl with no name
    Date Created: June 6, 2009  Date Modified: June 6, 2009

    here is an SGV of this particular girl.

    she isnt exactly part of the ‘cartenz angels’ collection I created but she certainly is one.

    the subject has no name by the way–which is why she was originaly excluded as an angel.

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