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DEC Education Portal
Date Created: April 3, 2012  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

I just recently worked on the DEC education portal, which was to conglomerate the handfull of community education sites; Ribbons of Blue, Airwatch and WasteWise, into one web portal. Some irony here that would be missed by most readers (Discourse of Deranged readers may remember!), that is Ribbons of Blue being a Swan River Trust initative, SRT being a former employer of mine–and when I was employed by the Trust, I was not allowed to work on their site.

UPDATE: this is the view from my office:

A view money just cant buy

and to give you an example of how close to the foreshore Cygnet Hall is:

Closer to the foreshore than Swan River Trust!

[VIDEO] The CMS Rap…
Date Created: November 20, 2011  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

I was sent this a while ago but didnt click the link till today… This guy is the Biggie Smalls of WebRappers!–bigger than Heavy-D and his boys.

Joomla! as an intranet?: YES WE CAN!
Date Created: October 24, 2011  Date Modified: November 22, 2011

I was approached a few weeks ago by the Equal Opportunity Commission to build a Joomla powered Intranet–at first I had apprehensions: Joomla is not the greatest of CMS software for this application, and all government departments are running MOSS2010, so It would be simple logic to go with SharePoint for the intranet too?

Adding to the complexity of this project it was also suggested that the Joomla run on a WAMP stack–but with the server being SBS2003 I decided to put it together thru IIS instead of go and install Apache on a system that didnt require it.

The system installed without a hitch–its not the first time I have put together a J! on IIS, but its the first time I did so for an intranet. Hopefully this makes business run a bit smother down there at EOC.

Horses for Courses
Date Created: October 5, 2011  Date Modified: October 5, 2011

How can I say to someone that I dont put my clients in Joomla baceause its no a suitable product for what they want from their web?? Joomla is a pig of a thing and its only by a cruel twist of fate that I had to develop with it.

Now Im not saying Joomla is a bad product, it has its uses, but Content Management Systems should suit the type of site they are deployed for. I have a Joomla sub-domain I use as a sandbox for testing and development, because Im still happy to work with the product in a suitable environment. But for a multi-user site that has a mid to high traffic flow–Joomla just does not cut it.

I put a university in a CMS–and it was an enterprise level product that could handle the volume of traffic such an institution, Squiz Matrix in this example, and there are other enterprise level CMS software that can perform in such an environment.

Content Management is Horses for Courses, the last thing you need is a pig in the race.