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Horses for Courses
Date Created: October 5, 2011  Date Modified: October 5, 2011

How can I say to someone that I dont put my clients in Joomla baceause its no a suitable product for what they want from their web?? Joomla is a pig of a thing and its only by a cruel twist of fate that I had to develop with it.

Now Im not saying Joomla is a bad product, it has its uses, but Content Management Systems should suit the type of site they are deployed for. I have a Joomla sub-domain I use as a sandbox for testing and development, because Im still happy to work with the product in a suitable environment. But for a multi-user site that has a mid to high traffic flow–Joomla just does not cut it.

I put a university in a CMS–and it was an enterprise level product that could handle the volume of traffic such an institution, Squiz Matrix in this example, and there are other enterprise level CMS software that can perform in such an environment.

Content Management is Horses for Courses, the last thing you need is a pig in the race.