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Alfresco in a Perth Summer
Date Created: December 1, 2015  Date Modified: December 1, 2015

Alfresco was never my fav or most used EDMS (TRIM, and SharePoint are by far the most used), but a new contract has me developing with this system again and there are quite a few changes between the last version I worked with to this one–5.0.d.

Nobody wants to have to remember 2 different logins for their business processes, so LDAP to AD was the primary goal to kick. PhpLDAPAdmin made this easier, its like PhpMyAdmin, but not for MySQL–its for LDAP!.

Another help in this was the following blog post:

Open Source OBD Information
Date Created: May 12, 2013  Date Modified: May 13, 2013

Its not hard to tell that I’m a bit of a car buff, add to that my love of tech and you get this headache related to the on board diagnosis port (“ODB” or “ODB-II”, the second generation of diagnosis ports). Mechanics can invest in the expensive tools required to “communicate” with the ECU as an operational expense, however the general automotive enthusiast can’t really justify that cost–especially if you own vehicles from different car manufacturers.

There are cheap consumer level tools to perform some of the OBD functions, tho they have their limitations, such as working only with certain marques, or having no upgrade-ability–An open source solution would be better. In an ideal world there would be a huge open source community deving tools we can all use to aid us in automotive maintenance, but there are only a handful of dedicated individuals working on these projects.

This post is to put together some of the existing online resources related to OBD, it’s by no means an authoritative source on how to use, make or develop these tools.


From their website: “Freediag is a suite of vehicle diagnostic protocols and an OBD II (mostly) compliant ScanTool, currently for Linux platforms. Multiple graphical user interfaces for scantool are under development – but right now, you have to use a command-line interface to scantool.”. Currently not available on windows.

openOBD: OBD-II Scan Tool

OpenOBD is no longer in active development, but it does have a windows installer for those users not on a linux platform. According to the projects wiki it only supports the ELM327 device.


OBDToolbox is in early development so its features are a bit limited. Windows installer available.

This is by no means an entire directory of OBD resources, just some software I am currently playing with, hopefully I can put together some more detailed information soon.

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GreenScreen Updates
Date Created: January 17, 2013  Date Modified: January 27, 2013

the GreenScreen child theme I made for this blog has been updated and the project is now hosted on github. The repository with the CSS and lack of release notes can be easily found.

The theme now supports Disqus comments and is almost ready for live deployment.

UPDATE 27.1.13: I have added the github commits RSS to the right hand widget area on this and the plugin page…

An AGLC3 Plugin
Date Created: October 6, 2012  Date Modified: October 8, 2012

I decided after posting my first LAW150 assignment I realised that lawyers dont really hate HTML, its just too much effort to manually code tags or worse still paste MS Word generated HTML into most web text areas.

A simple solution would be to hack the CSS and add things like Act classes, but that would be out of the scope for some legal bloggers who have to dedicate more time to legal research than learning how to CSS.

It was pointed out early on that one could use the “i” button, well that puts text in <em> tags, which for Accessibility, is not appropriate.

A BETTER solution would be to create a simple WordPress plugin that adds the functionality without having to manually edit any CSS files.

To use this with the shortcode, simply place the square brackets around the [ Act ] Name of the Act [ /Act ] 2001. Im currently working on shortcodes for Australian jurisdictions to make it even easier for those “dumb lawyers” 🙂

This is still in BETA, as I just started this on a rainy Sunday morning; I aim to create a short code for this to simplify it even more, but for now its in a testing stage.

UPDATE: Now prints 12pt Times, but I dont use printers so I cant test it (too many years not printing things @DEC)

WordPress 3.3
Date Created: December 12, 2011  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

Well I said I was going to refrain from blogging while Im on contract to DEC, but a new version of WordPress is worth a mention on here–since this site is powered by WordPress. Lets hope all my plugins work as I chose not to run with the Beta on this site..

Date Created: September 9, 2011  Date Modified: September 21, 2012

I have been using this HTML text editor since 2001, in the early days I used it alongside Dreamweaver, but now I use it as my primary editor. I have put so many prople onto this product, from enthusiasts to profesionals, to accademics. Try it out, it will be a welcome addition to your arsenal.

My new WordPress driven Site
Date Created: September 4, 2011  Date Modified: September 19, 2011

Well after years of working with CMS systems–and avoiding having one drive my own online content, I have now bitten the bullet and setup wordpress! (is the exclamation mark intellectual property of Joomla!?)…

Currently have just imported a couple of my blogs, and a few questions that came to me via formspring here and there is no REAL content, I aim to get that in coming weeks. and also change the CSS so its not looking so default.. (I avoided using the word “Designer” in the title because of this.)..

Anyway, Ive left UNDA and Im off to explore the fine city of Melbourne so Im not having much time to maintain this site.


the GIMP is on tablets
Date Created: June 7, 2011  Date Modified: June 7, 2011

having the week off work is good to relax and dust off the old tablet… started colouring in this self portrait from earlier

UPDATE: nevermind

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New Art; Old Muse
Date Created: June 4, 2011  Date Modified: December 27, 2012

those who know me know Storm has been a huge influence on my life, and after meeting up with her again after all these years I needed t do some sort of new art for my greatest muse…

the pic was sent to be from her phone and I used GIMP and inkscape as the productivity suite for this…

UPDATE:This was written on June 4 2011; current status of the Storm is that she is no longer in my life and this is for the best.

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low-light photography
Date Created: May 19, 2011  Date Modified: May 19, 2011

My reason for including this pic now–considering it was taken in 2004 was I was going thru some old pics on a hard drive and I didnt find the one I wanted…

points to note:

  • this was not taken with a flash
  • this image has NEVER seen photoshop–tho I did resize it in gimp prior to posting on the web
  • ISO was 800, hence the grain

also there are “auxillary” issues that add to this pics meaning atm

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Photoshop Phun
Date Created: May 9, 2010  Date Modified: May 9, 2010

Truth be told this is not photoshop, not even the GIMP. No, for SOME strange reason I decided to use a VERY OLD copy of Macromedia Fireworks. WHY???? I dont know, so dont ask. The pic was created in a rush for a FB group I belong to. We all hate Warrick Cappa, so this wont get me sued or anything… (one hopes)

Its not ment to look like a work of art–its ment to look like what it is, a very crude attempt at photoshopping so dont get all on my case about how shity layermasking it is…

this is going to end up getting very silly….

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Image Correction Made Easy
Date Created: May 3, 2010  Date Modified: January 7, 2013

Curves, Historgam, Selective Colour, Replace Colour, Channel Mixer, Gamma, Brightness and Contrast–So many ways to correct colour in photoshoop, however as I am the worlds greatest photographer, I never need to use these… SURE!

I took this pic when I was still getting use to the DSLR, its of my friends dog whos name I cannot divulge. As you can tell its overexposed.

I used Gamma to make it look less washed out

This pic of Perth hip-hop MC Xzact, was one I took on 35mm back when I was doing intro to photography, the scan is too bright but I never knew untill I brought an LCD monitor.

I adjusted the black by using curves–now you can see the grainyness of the film, and how dirty my lense was.

Finding Open Source Alternetives
Date Created: August 21, 2009  Date Modified: September 4, 2011

I was searching around for a vBulletin alternative and found this site that is dedicated to open source alternatives to popular propriety software. I’ll chec them out more thoroghly soon, but Im pretty rushed this morning (its arfternnon already)…

Aside from the above, there is ofcourseForge sourceForge; but I shall mention them another day.

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Thumbnails software
Date Created: August 10, 2009  Date Modified: September 4, 2011

I normaly make thumbnails by running a batch in photoshop but due to not having a photoshop licence for this laptop, and the continuing problems with the old workstation I decided to try Easy Thumbnails, by Fooks. I have uses Thumbs Plus many many years ago but didnt really like it, I just dont want to have to re-size hunderds of images one by one.

maybe I should just learn how to run batches in GIMP

EDIT: I have been using EasyThumbs for about a month now and Its awsome. So much time I have saved, and all those actions for photoshop I dont have to record. Its also nice and lightweight so it doesnt hog resourses on the notebook.

Graphics Tablet: GIMP vs PhotoshopCS2
Date Created: July 20, 2009  Date Modified: July 20, 2009

well well well. I suspected it may be the case, and it is both sad and joyous the events that took place in this battle…

oh cut the crap. GIMP kicks photoshops arse when it comes to drawring with the tablet, this may be due to…

NOPE, GIMP WON FARE AND SQUARE. Today is a grand victory for open source.

If only the GIMP would scan!

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