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Finally we have reached the 21st century
Date Created: January 15, 2013  Date Modified: January 24, 2013

After seeing Lawnmowerman in the 90’s (even before) I have wanted a VR headset. I remember reading in a PC mag 20 years ago about a system that was commercially available at the time that could run… the original DOOM. This new product includes OOTB support for DOOM 3 BFG Edition:

DOOM 3 BFG Edition and Hawken are the only official Oculus-ready titles that have been announced as of November 1, 2012. We hope there are plenty of game developers who soon integrate Oculus technology into their upcoming titles and begin creating new games designed specifically for virtual reality!

also from the FAQ:

Libraries, headers, documentation, and samples for integrating the Oculus Rift with any game. We’ll also include out-of-the-box Unreal Engine and Unity integrations. The Oculus SDK will support PC (Windows) at launch.

From the Oculus FAQ

Dont care too much about Doom 3–when I was reading it for Games Art and Design, I really didnt enjoy it; Im nostalgic for the original but I found 3 “disconnected” and dated, still its a Gamne I own and have modded with. Unity intergration will be fun with the framework being used by many indy developers, but Unreal is where this product will likley shine being that the engine is the core of many games on the market.

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Lightwave Stuff: weapons training
Date Created: October 21, 2009  Date Modified: October 21, 2009

Below are a few early renders of a weapon im creating for a mod. there are no textures yet and there needs to be a bit more modeling done but you can start to se it…

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tools from the source
Date Created: April 10, 2009  Date Modified: September 15, 2011

sourceforge, for those who dont know is an online resource for open source software projects. I have found, and are having a play with some of the Neverwinter tools some of the open source community has developed. I’ll let you know how I go with them but here are a few im trying:

Yet Another terrain tool
. – for editing terrain.
Neveredit – mod tool
ASOMS Hackpack – remember the moonsea from the goldbox games?, hopfuly there is some nostalgic type shit in this hackpack

like I said, i’ll post about these products in detail when ive had a good play with them.

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Farcry 2
Date Created: March 19, 2009  Date Modified: October 14, 2012

Im more of a fan of the game engine than the game itself. I love burning down forests, now i can do it in the comfort of my own home. However there were a few plot issues that put me off Farcry2. I was playing it for the first time, gin and tonic in reach, and yet i still kep dying of malaria!, this shat me to no end.

so i shelfed the game at 2%, i had fallout to clock–civil war in Africa is outranked by neuclear war in America.

When I picked up the game again recently I noticed somting that if id known prior, it may have given me more incentive to put the disk in: Player Built Maps!

YES!, you can build you own maps in farcry2, why did nobody mention this to me before? I have been a modder on PC’s for years and never for once thought (ok, little big planet dosnt count) that modding would be a “thing” on the consoles–man times have changed since the first PS console!

the toolset is certainly no NWN2 toolset, but its easy to pick up–I would even assume for those with no 3D experience, and the terrain generator is fairly realistic. Its a little strange going from building worlds on a PC than it is sitting on a couch using a controller to smooth out terrain, but its also a bit more relaxed than at the desk, ciggi ash falling in keyboard and eyestrain from a 19 inch CRT that is on its last legs.

I have yet to check out any of the User Built maps online–I choose to keep the PS3 disconnected from the network for bandwith reasons, but when ive got my little deathmatch finished i’ll share and share alike with the rest of the malaria infected gamer community!

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Would you want this next to your TV?
Date Created: March 10, 2009  Date Modified: March 10, 2009

this is the worst case mod I have seen on a PS3… I have seen much worse on PC boxes thou…

would you want that in your louge room?

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