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Alfresco Cluster Properties (for Hazelcast)
Date Created: January 21, 2016  Date Modified: January 21, 2016

Property name Default value Description
alfresco.cluster.enabled true Enables clustering.
alfresco.cluster.interface Specifies a particular network interface to use for clustering. May be wildcarded, e.g. 10.256.*.* would mean attempt to bind to the interface having an IP address beginning “10.256.”.
alfresco.cluster.nodetype Repository Server Not normally used. Human-friendly description of the cluster member – as shown in JMX under “non-clustered servers”. This is useful to give a name to non-clustered servers such as a transformation server that it attached to the same database as the cluster, but not participating in it (e.g. alfresco.cluster.enabled=false)
alfresco.hazelcast.password alfrescocluster Password used by the cluster members to access/join the Hazelcast cluster.
alfresco.hazelcast.port 5701 Specifies the port to use for clustering.
alfresco.hazelcast.autoinc.port false If set to true, Hazelcast will try several times to find a free port starting at the value of alfresco.hazelcast.port. Not recommended.
alfresco.hazelcast.mancenter.enabled false If enabled, the server will push stats and other useful information to Hazelcast’s “mancenter” dashboard application.
alfresco.hazelcast.mancenter.url http://localhost:8080/mancenter The URL where the mancenter application may be found (alfresco.hazelcast.mancenter.enabled must be true for this to have any effect).