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[REORT] Delivered Into Enemy Hands US-Led Abuse and Rendition of Opponents to Gaddafi’s Libya
Date Created: October 7, 2012  Date Modified: October 7, 2012

Human Rights Watch, an international human rights watch-dog released a report this month on the United States involvement in the torture of Libyan nationals, while in US custody. The report exposes some of the inaccuracies reported in the mainstream media by examining evidence of the Tripoli Documents and testimony from individuals released from Libyan prisons after Qaddafi’s overthrow.

From the page #6:

Al-Libi’s case is significant, among other reasons, because the United States relied on statements obtained through his interrogation while in CIA custody to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq: Al-Libi died in a Libyan prison in 2009—a suicide, according to Libyan authorities at the time—so it is difficult to obtain information about him today. But by talking to family members and others detained with him in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya, Human Rights Watch has pieced together some new details about al-Libi’s time in CIA custody and circumstances
surrounding his death. Human Rights Watch also observed photos of al-Libi that Libyan prison officials appear to have taken on the morning of his death which allegedly depict him in the manner he was found in his cell. The photos show bruising on parts of his body.

Im lost for comment, thats why this has been sitting in the drafts for so long. I decided to publish after checking WT…

[VIDEO] Assange speech at UN
Date Created: September 26, 2012  Date Modified: September 26, 2012

Just came across this today, I have linked both the Wired article and the RT article if you are intersted in further analysis.

From Wired:

Assange was speaking as part of a panel that was supposed to focus on the legal and ethical issues around diplomatic asylum, but instead veered off for a lengthy discussion about U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech at the U.N. this week, which he called “fine words” that needed to be followed up with “fine deeds.”

“It is time for Obama to do the right thing and join the forces of change, not in fine words, but in fine deeds,” he said.

Watch the speech below:

Crop Circle Map
Date Created: September 10, 2012  Date Modified: October 7, 2012

I was on ATS the other day and a user posted the coordinates for a crop circle they found on Google Maps somewhere in the UK. I went to the location and did not find the circle in question; But in the nearby vicinity I found a number of other interesting crop markings. Some are clearly man made…

Man Made Crop Circle, tho there others in the area that are probably not...

This area seems to be a hot-spot for this type of activity–however you wish to explain it, so feel free to hunt around as Google updates all the time and the landscape changes seasonally…

View Crop Circle Map in a larger map

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