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GreenScreen Updates
Date Created: January 17, 2013  Date Modified: January 27, 2013

the GreenScreen child theme I made for this blog has been updated and the project is now hosted on github. The repository with the CSS and lack of release notes can be easily found.

The theme now supports Disqus comments and is almost ready for live deployment.

UPDATE 27.1.13: I have added the github commits RSS to the right hand widget area on this and the plugin page…

An AGLC3 Plugin
Date Created: October 6, 2012  Date Modified: October 8, 2012

I decided after posting my first LAW150 assignment I realised that lawyers dont really hate HTML, its just too much effort to manually code tags or worse still paste MS Word generated HTML into most web text areas.

A simple solution would be to hack the CSS and add things like Act classes, but that would be out of the scope for some legal bloggers who have to dedicate more time to legal research than learning how to CSS.

It was pointed out early on that one could use the “i” button, well that puts text in <em> tags, which for Accessibility, is not appropriate.

A BETTER solution would be to create a simple WordPress plugin that adds the functionality without having to manually edit any CSS files.

To use this with the shortcode, simply place the square brackets around the [ Act ] Name of the Act [ /Act ] 2001. Im currently working on shortcodes for Australian jurisdictions to make it even easier for those “dumb lawyers” 🙂

This is still in BETA, as I just started this on a rainy Sunday morning; I aim to create a short code for this to simplify it even more, but for now its in a testing stage.

UPDATE: Now prints 12pt Times, but I dont use printers so I cant test it (too many years not printing things @DEC)

Chrome Timeline
Date Created: September 9, 2012  Date Modified: September 10, 2012

Before Chrome came out we all loved the functionality firebug bought to firefox, and being that I have been using FF recently I had forgotten how much better Chrome’s debugging toolset is. One of the tools I missed was the timeline, being able to see a visulization of your scripts and their load is really something that does pleasth. I noticed as you can see in the pic below, what scripts were resource hungry, and also which image element I could optimise to save that bit of bandwidth.
To activate the timeline, just right click your page > inspect element > Click the Timeline tab, then hit the record button in the bottom left toolbar, 4th button along (black circle will turn red when recording).

Click this and refresh your page and watch the fun. Hit the record button again to stop recording once the page has stopped loading all its elements.
Looks like I have some site maintenance to do…

NOTE: The information used in the Chrome tool shows speeds of the Chrome browser, it is still worth checking this against other tools, as IE and Mozilla may load at different rates depending on a number of variables.

Update and revert
Date Created: August 20, 2012  Date Modified: May 12, 2013

I decided that my customisations to the twentyeleven theme were getting a bit unmanageable and my timeline for putting the CSS together in a child theme is running out. Back to square one, goodbye funky CSS3 styles (they will be back). I will have a new theme coming in the new year, but for now its OOTB wordpress.

UPDATE 13-5-2013: Well it’s certainly into the new year and I have been doing a bit of site maintenance, so Im linking any posts mentioning an earlier theme to the GreenScreen Theme page.

WordPress 3.4
Date Created: June 14, 2012  Date Modified: January 21, 2013

Just upgraded wordpress to this blog, and in typical wordpress efficiancy it updated without a hitch. Im not a big fan of the theme editor, but I see it adding value to the brand. Im not going to rag on about it, I’ll just let their promotional video do that:

UPDATE 21.1.13:Since this is random edit your blog day I had decided to centre the vid in a div… Such an exciting life

Joomla! as an intranet?: YES WE CAN!
Date Created: October 24, 2011  Date Modified: November 22, 2011

I was approached a few weeks ago by the Equal Opportunity Commission to build a Joomla powered Intranet–at first I had apprehensions: Joomla is not the greatest of CMS software for this application, and all government departments are running MOSS2010, so It would be simple logic to go with SharePoint for the intranet too?

Adding to the complexity of this project it was also suggested that the Joomla run on a WAMP stack–but with the server being SBS2003 I decided to put it together thru IIS instead of go and install Apache on a system that didnt require it.

The system installed without a hitch–its not the first time I have put together a J! on IIS, but its the first time I did so for an intranet. Hopefully this makes business run a bit smother down there at EOC.

I dont think so
Date Created: October 2, 2011  Date Modified: January 7, 2013

Had an interview at a local design agency, one that actually does design. I dont think I will be the successful candidate, as I made two cardinal sins in the design field.

First off was calling Mac’s evil empire machines, yes I have a bias against Apple, but one must never let opinion override professionalism.

The second, wich ties in with the first a little was that I mentioned flash, the rule here is: dont bring up old technology. Sure flash is still used, but its no longer held in the same regard as it once was. I tnink if I can overcome my own perzonal bias I will have no trouble securing the next placement.

Layout Changes (navigation)
Date Created: September 26, 2011  Date Modified: September 26, 2011

So I have spent the afternoon knee deep in CSS customizing the navigation and Im nearly happy with the layout. Now my problem is to go thru and edit each post to fit within the layout, there are about 6 blogs of mine I have bought together in this site and none had the same template, tho most of my blogger accounts are not the issue–its the bleepin Murdoch blog that has given me the most drama so far–and it does not suprise me given that we could only choose from a few templates and no access to the template files.

Im yet to check this site in IE; I know thats not best practice but I spent the last 12 months building spesifically for IE (UNDA company policy was Microsoft-centric), so now that Im free to work on my own site Im quietly avoiding that little blue “E”…

On the topic of IE: one thing I did notice is that the Twenty Eleven theme sitll supports IE6. Great for people with computers that still have windows 98–but not nessisary for anyone (read: everyone) else. Im tempted to take out all the “if IE6” CSS, or put a javaScript browser detectioin that redirects IE6 users to Microsoft’s downloads page but thats a bit conceded and arrogant.

The market share of IE6 is now at 2.0%, less than Safari, less than the more standards compliant Opera. Im not forced to support it but if I dont, its basically saying Im only 98% of a web developer, as Im only serving potentially 98% of the market.

I guess its something to think for another day, I’ve done enough for now..

Date Created: September 19, 2011  Date Modified: January 22, 2013

playing with the CSS today so the site might look wacky.. I dont like the OOTB twentyEleven theme..

Im baseing it on my blogger site layout that kind of evolved its own CSS over the years. At least I am hacking together my own style here from twentyEleven–even if im not building a theme from scratch..

Still have a few more elements to sort out before the theme is stable…

UPDATE: All thats left to do now is customise the navigation and then I think we’re done with the CSS for now.. DONE

UPDATE: I commented this out of the original post but I have decided to have it visible because this is all too common and it cheapens my industry

I think its worth pointing out that there are some design agency’s (read: more than one person unlike myself) are using OOTB paid for themes sans any custom CSS.

Im also going to add OracleDigital this list as they are another web “company” who dont even use their own theme. Im going to continue cateloguing every so called web designer in WA that, as I said in the commented out sections of this post:

Yes I am annoyed at the lack of knowledge and skills some people manage to make a living from.

I beilive in industry self-regulation–if you are making money from other peoples hard work, be afraid!.

CSS tips for the experienced
Date Created: June 8, 2009  Date Modified: June 8, 2009

For those feeling like jumping into the CSS deep end here is a link to some tips you cant live without.

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Date Created: June 2, 2009  Date Modified: September 7, 2013

XML and HTML are so similar that if you have learned HTML, then you basicly already know XML. The major difference is that in XML you can define your own tags–and the tags are defined in the style sheet.

Why its important to learn HTML first is that in some situations, like posting in forums for instance, we cant define our own tags so we need a predefine set of tags and HTML offers that. Being able to define your own tags also gives you an added flexibility that HTML does not offer, in that your not limited to the predefine set.

Unlike HTML, XML is used in applications outside the internet but this is not what I intend this site to be about.

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Tools for HTML
Date Created: June 1, 2009  Date Modified: September 14, 2011

To code in HTML you dont need anthing more than notepad, althou commercial products like Dreamweaver offer several useful tools that are used by serious web designers. You can build effective websites using these commercial products without too much knowledge of HTML, but the more understanding of it you have, the easyer it will be to build and maintain your web site or blog.

There are two basic types of tools used in web design, there are text editors and there are what is known as WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editors. I will be refering mainlt to text editors, but dont let that scare you!, everything I tell you do do in a text editor you can do in a commercial HTML application.

In this site I will however not be refering to commercial puoducts, and I will keep references to only freeware products that you can download. All products have been tested by me to run on Windows Vista and XP, and they have packages avalible for linux too.

The first tool I suggest you download is Notepad++. I wont say too much about this program now, only that it is similar to the Windows Notepad, thou it has added functionality that you will find useful when coding HTML and CSS.

The second tool I sugest you get, and will be refering to it on occasion if the free text editor HTMLkit. I have been using it for years, both by it self and also along slid Dreamweaver, and I find it to be a great little free tool for web designers. Many commercial designers I have put on to this pruduct love it, and still use it today.

Next there is Nvu, a WYSIWYG. I have only been using this product for a few months as a free replacment for Dreamweaver–and its not as functional as the commercial pruduct, ITS FREE and you cant beat that.

I will also refer to other tools and browser plug-int that you may find useful, so please check out each download as they will be usful.

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