Fully Sic Subbie Mayte!
Date Created: September 6, 2012  Date Modified: October 4, 2012

My neighbor kindly gave me his Fully Sic Sub-Woffer and amp, from his old r31 which went to Skyline heaven (or more likely hell) a year or so ago. It was covered in spiders; Now I am covered in spiders. Which is making it awkward to type, or do anything…

The amp on its back board as I obtained; I have removed this amp to mount under the drivers seat

close up of the amp

and the Sub and amp (thie amp is the same Alpine as the above)

More pics relating to the audio modding will be added as they happen. I need to clean these up before I can install them and that’s not going to happen now until the weekend. I have asked an old friend around to give me a hand and feeding cables is best done with 4 hands (three and a hook can work too but that is just educing flashbacks of my childhood…)

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