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Date Created: December 16, 2012  Date Modified: December 16, 2012

Purging out my email I noticed a few corrospondence that made me smile due to the supression of the incident(s) in my memory banks, currently giving me a chuckle is this from 2009, when I complained to the ABC’s Media Watch about a factual error being made on an ABC television programme:


I have been watching Mediawatch since its inception and I have noticed of late the focus seems to be focused on the ABC’s own reporters, this can only improve the ABC’s already excellent journalistic standards.

I feel then it is only appropriate that I draw your attention to an error reported today, the 17th of July 2009, on the ABC’s Playschool programme. The presenter was recounting a journey she took on Australia’s Highway 1, she mentioned a stop in Alice Springs—which is not on Australia’s Hwy 1. Could a correction please be aired to clear up any confusion to ABC viewers.

I would have like to have CC this to the Playschool email, but could not find it on there site, would you please be able to draw this to the attention of the Playschool Producers and Presenters on my behalf.

Thank you
B Levene

the response that followed:

Many thanks for your email. We appreciate tips from our viewers and look at all of them. One of our researchers will be in touch if we need any further information. Please be sure to keep us posted if you see anything else that you think should be on Media Watch

Kind Regards

Jo Puccini

Its your kids education

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