Selection Criteria – Which one got me a job and which one didnt?
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This is a game of compare and contrast, one of these selection criteria got me a job, the other didnt even get me an interview. Which is which??

Exhibit A

Well developed understanding of web technologies, including usability, testing, development & design as may apply to private industry and/or the public sector

I have worked within the web industry as a developer, designer and administrator; Working both in the public sector, with the Department of Environment and Conservation (“DEC”), and also within the private sector with the University of Notre Dame Australia (“UNDA”). During my career I have worked with a broad range of web technologies: HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, Flash to name the most common. Usability was a large focus at UNDA, where the aging menu structure was not meeting the needs of the end users. In updating the menu structure, I implemented an “accordion” style menu across the site to allow users access to desired information without having to click through multiple pages of less relevant content. I have also filled short contracts in the government agencies of the Equal Opportunity Commission and Swan River Trust, where my skills in the web industry allowed me to provide support for the publications officers who were the custodians of web content.

Demonstrated ability to strategically apply innovative and contemporary thinking to improve the use of online channels to market and promote brand name, reputation, services and products.

Whilst working for DEC, the major focus of my role initially was to migrate educational content from the DEC corporate web-site to a dedicated eco-education portal, to be utilized by students and educators at both primary and secondary levels. Also in my role at DEC, I made use of social media to enhance the user experience of the public website, often using the Department’s official YouTube channel for video, both embedded on the DEC website, and on the YouTube channel itself. One such video, Code of Practice for Reducing Whale Entanglements, is now internationally recognized as a vital resource for Environmental Officers and commercial fishermen for dealing with large marine mammals entangled in commercial fishing nets.

Sound writing and editing skills to develop web content and prepare business reports.

At UNDA I was the primary officer responsible for publishing web content, originating from various internal stakeholders with an extremely broad representation of writing styles. Content for the web would often have to be “simplified” to natural language if originating from an academic staff member, or in the case of content originating form an administrator, the copy would often have to edited to present a more formal and authoritative position. Also in my position at UNDA I initiated the drafting of a Social Media Policy and Guidelines to take into account the growing concern the University had over inappropriate use of social media by students and staff. The drafting of this policy was influenced by meetings with the Australian Teaching and Learning Counsel to look at what other Western Australian universities were doing in relation to this growing concern of inappropriate use of social media.

Strong interpersonal skills including consultation and negotiation skills.

As I have recently begun a Bachelor of Laws, my own perception of my skills in negotiation and consultation has changed dramatically, being that negotiation and consultation are fundamental skills in taught in law. The formal training I have received in Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), when applied to a corporate setting, gives me a formal understanding of how to negotiate with parties whilst still maintaining objectivity. My interpersonal skills would be best assessed in-person, being that any written account may not reflect the actuality experienced.

Demonstrated ability to plan, prioritise, organise, monitor and coordinate workloads and meet deadlines.

In my role at DEC, I would often receive Ministerial Media Statements which had to be published online to correspond with a press-conference or live media interview, when the publication had to go-live on the web at a specific time. The reliance on automated systems for this task was never a favored approach by senior staff, and where possible, the manual publishing of Media Statements was preferred, and given priority over other tasks. The organization of tasks at DEC employed the use of electronic job-sheets which detailed the required action and gave authorization from the relevant section manager, these job-sheets were fundamental for organizing the workload from such a large agency. This is at great contrast to UNDA where tasks were organized through the Outlook/Exchange infrastructure.

Demonstrated ability to analyse information, initiate ideas and be creative in solving problems.

During my time working as Web Content Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame Australia, I was the primary officer dealing with the University’s Google Analytics data, compiling the various metrics into written, plain language reports for use by the University’s marketing team. One such report into the Pay-per-click (“PPC”) campaign, initiated by the marketing team, revealed that “clicks” paid for were often by staff members who were using Google as a means of returning to the University’s homepage. From this report the marketing team changed the keywords utilized in the PPC to exclude search strings likely to occur from internal stakeholders on external machines (staff working from home), and I had sufficient data to make changes to the search function of the website so internal searches would not effect any future PPC campaign.

Experience in private industry and public sector delivery of online initiatives

One of the major projects I worked on during my time at UNDA was the procurement, build and migration of the static HTML website to a Content Management System, not only to reduce the licensing costs associated with having administrators in the various schools run an installation of web editing software, but also to allow tighter access level control of content and adding the ability to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Due to internal requirements, my decision to procure the Squiz CMS was made after assessing various other solutions and the outcomes they would provide for the University, limits they would impose on future development and associated training and maintenance costs.

Degree in digital media or other allied/relevant disciplines.

My education includes previously studying a Bachelor of Multimedia, where I am at a 3rd year level; a Bachelor of Interactive Digital Media, where I am at a first year level; A Certificate IV in Commercial Art and Design, completed in 1999; A Certificate II in Business Management, completed in 2008; And a Bachelor of Laws, currently in first year. Both incomplete degrees in Multimedia and Interactive Digital Media have given me the skills to perform at a professional level in regards to technical aspects of a digital media role, with a broad understanding of all principals of digital and interactive media. My qualification in Commercial Art and Design has given me a creative lens to work through, with a high level of image literacy and understanding of the design process. My current course of study, a Bachelor of Laws, was commenced whilst still at DEC for the intent of professional development within the public sector, and not in the intent of changing career upon completion.

Exhibit B

Experience installing Joomla on a network environment

I have been worked with the Joomla CMS since it was folked from Mambo in 2005, building and developing sites, plug-ins and skinning of the front-end to adhere to the corporate branding of the project in question.

Experience with Add-ons and Wampserver

In my last role at the University of Notre Dame Australia I built and deployed a Joomla site on a Windows IIS server, as the requirements from the IT department would not allow for anything on Apache, however I have extensive experience with Apache and am far happier to use a WAMP (or LAMP) stack than be restricted to a Microsoft only stable.

Previous experience with creating and maintaining websites

I have over 10 years experience creating websites, taking them from design to deployment and also their ongoing maintenance. My last role was as Web Content Coordinator, where I was the principal officer tasked with maintaining the entire web infrastructure of the University.

Experience working in a SBS 2003 environment

My experience with Windows Servers stretches across the board, starting with Windows 2000 Server and extending to Windows 2008, with SBS 2003 fitting in the middle.

Strong communication skills

In my last role I drafted a Social Media Policy and Guidelines for the Universitys legal team, and also wrote other internal documentation, such as Web Best Practices for staff creating and uploading web content. I also maintain a blog on Digital Media in my own time, writing on issues relating to the Internet and web technology.

A minimum of 5 years in Web Site development and configuration.

I have around 10 years experience creating web sites, using a varietyof web technologies, such as HTML/CSS, PHP, Flash/Actionscript and Javascript

Drupal knowledge is highly desirable.

My experience with Drupal Content management System spans 3 years and I am familiar with configuring, developing, and deploying a Drupal driven site. I also maintain a Drupal sandbox on my own domain for on-going development and testing purposes.

PHP knowledge is mandatory.

I have a compitent knowledge of PHP, especially in CMS development and can create, modify and debug code to suit most situations

Previous experience in Content Management Systems (CMS) is mandatory.

I consider myself a Content Management System guru, in my last role at the University of Notre Dame Australia, my focus was the building of a CMS driven website to replace the static-HTML site. In this role I assesed the options available, and limitations of our infrastructure and made the choice to go with Squiz Matrix, as there were internal objections to using other CMS software–such as Drupal

Good communications and documentation skills.

In my last role I drafted a Social Media Policy and Guidelines for the Universitys legal team, and also wrote other internal documentation, such as Web Best Practices for staff creating and uploading web content.

In the Western Australian public service, jobs are allocated by class and last name; not skill and experience.

If you know of any work that would suit me, please let me know

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