So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Date Created: October 23, 2015  Date Modified: October 24, 2015

Due to extrinsic circumstance I will be moving off this server and to a new host. Its likely that I will keep this domain re-directing to my new server, but in the chance you return here to a blank space, that is because of his move.

To clarify in case of speculation: This site was found to be in a “bad IP neighborhood” and I was having trouble with some emails bouncing. No malware was found on this site, so please dont be alarmed.

EDIT (10-Oct 23, 2015 @ 20 : 25): Funny how things turn out. The issues experienced were not due to the server (who I have remained with the whole time), but with some negative SEO that was used against me by a competitor. I have not changed hosts at any point and the problem is no-longer present, I appreciate the work the crew at my hosting company have put in, and I must re-state that they are in no way at fault.

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