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To code in HTML you dont need anthing more than notepad, althou commercial products like Dreamweaver offer several useful tools that are used by serious web designers. You can build effective websites using these commercial products without too much knowledge of HTML, but the more understanding of it you have, the easyer it will be to build and maintain your web site or blog.

There are two basic types of tools used in web design, there are text editors and there are what is known as WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editors. I will be refering mainlt to text editors, but dont let that scare you!, everything I tell you do do in a text editor you can do in a commercial HTML application.

In this site I will however not be refering to commercial puoducts, and I will keep references to only freeware products that you can download. All products have been tested by me to run on Windows Vista and XP, and they have packages avalible for linux too.

The first tool I suggest you download is Notepad++. I wont say too much about this program now, only that it is similar to the Windows Notepad, thou it has added functionality that you will find useful when coding HTML and CSS.

The second tool I sugest you get, and will be refering to it on occasion if the free text editor HTMLkit. I have been using it for years, both by it self and also along slid Dreamweaver, and I find it to be a great little free tool for web designers. Many commercial designers I have put on to this pruduct love it, and still use it today.

Next there is Nvu, a WYSIWYG. I have only been using this product for a few months as a free replacment for Dreamweaver–and its not as functional as the commercial pruduct, ITS FREE and you cant beat that.

I will also refer to other tools and browser plug-int that you may find useful, so please check out each download as they will be usful.

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