[VIDEO] How Many Dangerous Ideas Can One Person Have?
Date Created: September 14, 2012  Date Modified: September 25, 2012

I wouldn’t call Former Chief Justice Kirby’s progressive ideals as dangerous, but progressive ideas are dangerous to those who oppose them, and we know too well the corporate media’s agenda to uphold the status quo. I am still currently viewing this (its about an hour), so I may return to provide some commentary if necessary. For now I would like to re-iterate 3 points CJ Kirby raised in regards to public education; Points I fully agree with:

“Its Free, Its Compulsory and its Secular”

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/tv/Ideas/show/Festival-of-Dangerous-Ideas/Michael-Kirby-How-Many-Dangerous-Ideas-Can-One-Person-Have-4291409.html#ooid=gwNXJ2NTpWqPe4L1ndGW8kvZWmXUQyl0

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