Web Traffic: Quality over Quantity
Date Created: November 7, 2011  Date Modified: May 2, 2012

Last week I recived an unsolicited phone call from a PPC (pay-per-click) re-seller wanting to take me on as a client; Now I dont have anything against PPC per-say, however it is important to note that a PPC campaign can be counter intuitive in some situations.

An example of this is when I was working at UNDA: The marketing manager had arranged a PPC campaign that ran on a selection of keywords the marketing team thought would drive traffic to the site. Of those keywords were a few that related to the University’s name, Notre Dame, this had a couple of disadvantages that were overlooked by the marketing team:

  • Searches for Notre Dame that were paid for were mostly not related to interest in the University. We were in effect paying for a higher bounce rate
  • Google was used as a site search internally, causing us to pay for clicks from within our own domain
  • Course related keywords purchased (Medicine, Law, et al) were of high cost, and proved little return

My recommendation was to suspend PPC, as we were paying for traffic that was of no use to us as a business–we were seeking enrollments in courses; not just web hits.

This brings me to the call I received last week. I do not have AdSense on this blog to try glean revenue from traffic–the only revenue I intent on creating from this site is employment as a Web Developer / Administrator; I am the product here. A PPC campaign may increase hits to the site, but increased traffic does not equate to increased sales.

The trick to increasing quality hits is not by being the first to pop up in Google, the real trick is to have quality original content, that people will want to visit for. Webmasters should know what purpose their site serves, and should host content related to their purpose. There is no point driving traffic to your site if all they will do is click away.

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